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Fever of Unknown Origin - Acknowledgements

Christopher, for consistent patience, generosity and loving support.

Nic, Rebecca, and Jessie for making life warmer and more interesting, always, and who tolerated the time I spent on this fourth child, my book. Thank you also for letting me write about you.

John and Ellen Ford, whose generous gifts have allowed me the priceless gift of time to write.

Debra Vest, without whom there would be no book. Unending gratitude for your wisdom and skill, your unflinching feedback and your refusal to let me give up.

My dear friends, Naomi and David, Judy and Dick who asked me often enough but not too often, "How's that book coming?"

To all my readers especially Judy, Alice, Pat, Maureen for honest feedback and genuine enthusiasm for the project.

Peri writing room fixture and source of welcome interruption