Published Works

Binnacle, Fall 2006, “Kitten” (fiction)

California Quarterly, Volume 32, Number 4, “Birds,” (poetry)

CaveatLector, “Chronos,” nonfiction, upcoming 2019

Clackamas Literary Review, Volume 8, 2004, “Talking in my Sleep” (poetry)

Confluence, Volume 14, 2003, “A Little Tenderness” (poetry)

Connecticut Review, Volume XXVI, No.2, Fall 2004, “Smoke” (poetry)

Eclipse, “Leavings,” “This Poem” (poetry)

Entropy, “The Greening,” (fiction)

Green Hills Literary Lantern, “Volume 24, 2013, “Voyeur.” (nonfiction)

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Winter, 2007, “Shadows” (prose poem)

Heartlands, Volume 4, 2006, “Empty Nest” (poetry)

Jumble, “What Do You Call An Elephant,” (fiction)

The Laurel Review, Volume 40, Number 2, Summer 06, “Savasana” (fiction)

Life After Hate, online, Fall 2010, Issue 34, “How Sofia Helped Heal Sheboygan County” (essay)

Lullwater Review, Spring 2000, “Glass III” (fiction)

Meadow,  “Shrinkage,” (fiction)

North Dakota Quarterly, “Green Scarf” (fiction)

Paragon Press, “Rosie” (fiction)

Penman Review, 2018, “Birds at Sunrise (fiction),

Pennsylvania English, “The Smell of Blood,” (nonfiction) , upcoming 2019

Porcupine, Volume 1, Issue 1, 1996, “ Luciano and the Lightning” (poetry)

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2000, “The Sharp Sunlight,” “The Scent of Lightning” (poetry)

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2001, “Gravity” (fiction)

Quarter After Eight, Volume 6, 2000, “Glass II” (fiction)

Re:al, Volume 29, Spring & Fall 2004, “The Burden of Being” (essay)

Reflections Literary Journal, 2005, Volume 7 “Stars” reprint (fiction)

Rubbertop, 2018, “Cleaning House” (fiction)

Seems 34, 2000, “Untitled” (poetry)

Southern Humanities Review, Volume 37, Number 3, Summer 2003, “Upper Captiva” (fiction)

Sulphur River Literary Review, Volume 22, No.1, Vernal Equinox 2006, “This Morning” (poem)

Tempest, Number 6, Winter, 1973, “Rebellion,” “I am Alive,” “Whole Day,” “Murray Avenue” (poetry) – under the name Judith Marks

Willow Review, Volume 32, Spring 2005, “Stars” (fiction)


Pushcart Prize nominations:

fiction – “Gravity” (appeared in Porcupine Magazine, vol. 5, issue 2)

poetry – “Untitled” (appeared in Seems 34, 2000)


2005 Willow Review Prose Award (first place) for “Stars” (Willow Review, Spring 2005)

Margaret Reid Poetry Contest – most highly commended for “Haiku Series,” 2008

Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, fifth place for “Roger’s House.” 1986


Poetry Collection:

Burning Oak, some poems by Martin J. Rosenblum & Judith Marks, Lionhead Publishing, 1986